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Hello and welcome to Strategic Skincare! 

  • Born in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Northwestern University and Pitt (BA)

  • Corvallis resident since1990

  • X-Chef, X-Respiratory Therapist, X-Administraor

  • Usually has a senior dog


I'm Sandra Landish; clients and friends call me Sandy.  I've been an Oregon licensed Esthetician since 2006.  In 2011, I passed the National Coalition of Esthetics and Associations (NCEA) Certification examination, the only national esthetics certification program in the United States.  This qualification reflects my committment to continuing education in esthetics and to maintaining the highest standards for safety, sanitation and ethical practices.  I continue to take seminars and master classes in advanced esthetic techniques, and regularly attend industry events to stay on top of new equipment, procedures and advances in skincare formulation and products.  I am a certified Face Reality Acne specialist, and volunteer in the American Cancer Society's Look Good, Feel Better program.  In June 2006, I began my esthetic practice at Timberhill Athletic Club in Corvallis.  As an independent esthetician, I've chosen the name Strategic Skincare because it defines the approach I take in helping you reach your skin care goals.

I believe that:

  • We aren't born knowing how to care for our skin.  My job is to educate you.  No judgement.

  • Better choices produce healthier skin

  • You accomplish more when you work with a plan

  • Improvements in skin health and appearance are possible at any age

  • Your licensed esthetician is a better source for skincare than your neighbor or co-worker

  • Great skincare is an acquired habit

I love:

  • The science of skin and skincare chemistry

  • Sharing skincare education with clients

  • Using equipment that elevates facial treatments

  • Compassionate touch

  • Laughing with clients whenever possible

  • Waxing whatever needs less hair

  • Treating acne, controlling acne, kicking acne's butt

  • Enhancing eyes with lash & brow tints

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