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You CAN have better skin..



products alone won't get your acne under control!

Now is the time for you to take control of your acne.....

Before Strategic Skincare

After Strategic Skincare

Now is the time for you to see improvement week after week after week, with most clients seeing amazing changes within 3-4 months.

Now is the time for you to have a complexion that makes you happy!

You need the guidance of an acne expert!

   ....a proven acne warrior

You need a strategy that will keep you ahead of blemishes!

....a 95% effective rate

You need the Face Reality program to get your skin clear and

your acne under control without prescription drugs!


I understand.  Maybe...

  • You tried ProActive. It worked for the 1st week but made your skin dry and sensitive.. 

  • Your doctor gave you oral antibiotics or topical medications that killed off everything except the acne bacteria and made your skin dry and extra sensitive.  

  • Accutane?  Why run the risk of Irritable Bowl Syndrome and other serious complications!

  • You purchased drug store products endorsed by celebrities with glowing (Photoshopped) complexions.  Your 'glow?'....not so much.

I take a more personal approach.

For more information or to GET STARTED NOW, click HERE!

Acne is disease of the pores (usually inherited) where your pores to get clogged with dead skin cells 5x faster than people without acne.  The clogs turn into hard plugs (almost like stoppers) that cause your pores to swell and become inflamed, and those angry inflamed pores become an easy target for the acne bactera.   Acne is aggravated by hormones and made worse by anything that increases inflammation in  your skin.  The Face Reality program combines acne treatments (performed every other week) with closely monitored home care products to reduce inflammation, clear your current acne and prevent the formation of new acne blemishes.  You'll learn what it takes to get your skin clear and keep it clear.  


Ready to get started?  Click HERE!

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