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Are you ready to start? 

Call 541-257-5670 or email to schedule your appointment.  During your consultation appointment I'll examine your skin, explain how the Face Reality strategy for clearing acne works, give you a lot of information about acne, and I'll test your skin for sensitivity to the products we'll use during your treatments.  The cost for this consultation and testing is $75.


If you decide to participate in the program and begin your first treatment at your consultation appointment (most clients do), the charge for consultation and testing is waived and your first treatment is $85.

Subsequent treatments scheduled every two weeks are $85 each.  Packages of treatments are available at 3 treatments for $210. 

Each treatment includes exfoliation, extractions, anti-inflammatory and soothing techniques, home care review and additional education for maintaining a clear complexion.

Clients should anticipate purchasing between $140-160 in home care products at the first visit.  A vital part of staying ahead of the development of new acne lesions requires that home care be used exactly as directed and that the strength of the products be increased as soon as your skin is ready for them. 

Clients who are compliant with product use and lifestyle changes will see improvement within weeks.  Acne lesions take approximately 12 weeks from development deep in the skin to explosion on the face.  Accordingly, clients need realistic expectations about the speed of clearing....but clearing is a very realistic and attainable goal.  


When you are my acne client, I am your acne warrior, and if you are ready to fight along beside me, I pledge to battle fiercely for your clear skin.

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